General Dentistry

General dentistry is a branch of dental care that focuses on the overall maintenance of oral health. It involves diagnosing, treating, and preventing various dental conditions. At Morristown Oral Surgery & Implantology Associates, our dentists in Morristown, NJ, are the primary care providers for your teeth and gums, ensuring they stay healthy through regular check-ups and treatments. 

Common General Dentistry Procedures in Morristown, NJ 

General dentistry in Morristown, NJ, encompasses a variety of common procedures that aim to improve and maintain oral health. These procedures are performed by our dentists, Dr. Fang and Dr. Shon, who specialize in general dentistry and have extensive knowledge about the overall health of the mouth. 

Dental Cleanings

One common general dentistry procedure is dental cleaning, also known as prophylaxis. During a cleaning, the dentist or dental hygienist will remove plaque and tartar buildup from the teeth, reducing the risk of cavities and gum disease. This regular maintenance procedure is essential for good oral hygiene. 


Another common procedure is fillings. When a cavity forms in a tooth, it needs to be filled in order to prevent further decay and damage. The dentist will remove the decayed portion of the tooth and replace it with a filling material such as composite resin or amalgam. 

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is another important procedure in general dentistry. It involves removing infected pulp from inside a tooth's root canals and sealing them off to prevent reinfection. This treatment helps save an otherwise damaged or infected tooth from extraction. 

Crowns and Bridges 

To restore damaged or missing teeth, many patients turn to crowns and bridges. A crown is placed over a damaged tooth like a cap to protect it, while bridges are used when one or more teeth are missing. Both options help improve function, appearance, and overall oral health. 


Dentures are a versatile and transformative dental solution designed to restore your smile, confidence, and oral functionality. Whether you're missing a few teeth or require a full set, dentures come in various types, each tailored to address unique needs. Full dentures replace an entire set of upper or lower teeth, while partial dentures seamlessly blend in with remaining natural teeth, preventing further tooth loss. 

Schedule your appointment today and let our experienced dentists in Morristown, NJ, guide you on the path to lasting oral health. 

The Benefits of General Dentistry 

Regular visits to a general dentist can have numerous benefits for your oral health.

Early Detection

One of the key advantages of regular visits to the general dentist is the early detection and prevention of dental problems. Through regular check-ups and cleanings, our dentists in Morristown, NJ, can identify any signs of tooth decay, gum disease, or other oral issues before they become more serious and costly to treat. 

Preventive Care

Another benefit is that general dentistry in Morristown, NJ, focuses on maintaining good oral health through preventive care. Our dentists educate patients about proper brushing and flossing techniques and provide recommendations for a healthy diet. By practicing these habits and receiving professional cleanings regularly, you can significantly reduce the risk of developing cavities or gum disease. 


General dentistry in Morristown, NJ, also offers a wide range of treatments to address various dental concerns. From fillings to root canals, crowns to bridges, our general dentists are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to restore damaged teeth or replace missing ones. 

Improved Overall Health

Moreover, visiting the general dentist regularly promotes overall wellness. Poor oral health has been linked to several systemic diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes. By maintaining good oral hygiene and addressing any dental issues promptly, you can improve your overall health outcomes. 


In addition, seeing a dentist regularly saves you money in the long run by preventing major dental problems that may require expensive procedures like implants or extractions. 

Tips for Maintaining Good Oral Health 

Here are some simple yet effective tips to help you maintain good oral health: 

  • Brushing your teeth twice a day is crucial. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste to gently clean all surfaces of your teeth. Don't forget to also brush your tongue to remove bacteria and freshen your breath. 
  • Flossing daily is just as important as brushing. It helps remove plaque and food particles from between the teeth where the toothbrush can't reach. Take your time and be thorough when flossing each tooth. 
  • In addition to regular brushing and flossing, it's vital to visit our dentist in Morristown, NJ, at least twice a year for check-ups and professional cleanings. This allows any potential issues or dental problems to be detected early on before they worsen. 
  • Maintaining a healthy diet plays a significant role in oral health, too. Limit sugary foods and drinks as they contribute to tooth decay. Instead, opt for nutritious meals with plenty of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and dairy products that provide essential vitamins for strong teeth. 
  • Don't forget about proper hydration! Drinking plenty of water throughout the day helps rinse away food particles while keeping saliva production up, promoting optimal oral health. 

By following these simple tips consistently, you can ensure good oral hygiene, which will lead to healthier gums, stronger teeth, and fresher breath, giving you every reason to smile confidently. 

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